That is just some of the press that has followed the boat to wherever we go, Our goal is to allow people throughout the Country and the world to view this wonderful craft. We think that people want to see a small bit of the history of the last century.
It looks and sounds like something that you would see in a James Bond movie! It travels in excess of 120 miles per hour on the water! It is one of only three produced, and the only one still  in existence! It will be exhibited for the first time ever at the Atlanta Boat Show! FROM RUSSIA WITH SPEED! The Atlanta Boat show has always been noted for exhibiting unique attractions, and 2004 is no exception with the special presentation of the Russian rescue boat, C003, now owned by retired German businessman Jerry Schulte.
‘We re thrilled to have the opportunity to be the first show in the world to exhibit Jerry’s six-person rescue boat that was produced by the Russians during the heights of the arms buildup,” said Melisa Malone, show manager of the Atlanta Boat Show, January 14-18, Georgia World Congress Center.
The Russians spent over $6 million on the production of these three vessels.  Each was powered by a MP 14 airplane engine, enabling them to travel at speeds in excess of 120 miles per hour.

Jerry Schulte found the C003 through a business partner, with the aid of a former Russian General.  After purchasing it, Schulte has spent countless hours during the past four years overseeing the restoration of this one-of-a-kind craft.

“Finding good mechanics is the biggest problem.  I was able to persuade retired Navy Aircraft Mechanic Richard Miller to take on the project.Richard has a lot of experience in radial engines, and was able to take care of the major part of the mechanical restoration.This required him to study the Russian Mechanical System of the boat and make new parts from scratch,” stated Schulte.

Schulte received a manual with the purchase of the C003, however, much of the information within was blocked out as top secret.

Travels to specialists in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and Aiken, South Carolina were also necessary for the restoration of the boat’s interior and paint job.  This was the only way that the C003 could return once more to its original condition.

Schulte has no idea what happened to the other two boats, but thinks that they were destroyed somewhere in the marsh land of Russia.

Schulte plans to exhibit the boat at other public shows after the Atlanta Boat Show.  He also hopes that some Hollywood producer decides to feature it in a major motion picture. 

“It would be perfect for James Bond or Indiana Jones,” remarked the owner.

There will also be a special demonstration of the C003 in the Metro Atlanta area just prior to the opening of the Atlanta Boat Show.